ACE CEO says ‘it’s time to get angry’

ACE CEO Brian Jennings

The CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), Brian Jennings, says it’s “time to get angry” over the Trump Administration’s RFS waivers.

“Had the 2016 presidential election turned out differently, and had the Clinton EPA granted 85 Small Refinery Exemptions—and ignored the statutory requirement to reallocate those gallons—rural America would not turn the other cheek,” Jennings says. “So why are so many of us turning the other cheek when the Trump EPA does this?

“Now I’m not telling you who to vote for in 2020. But I am telling you, now is the time—time to get angry about this, and to make noise about this, and to stand up and speak up about this, and the harm this is doing our industry,” he says.

Jennings made his comments at the ACE conference in Omaha.

AUDIO: Excerpt from Brian Jenning’s address