Alencon Systems announced its award of U.S. patent #11,146,079, which addresses the novelty of the company’s Bi-Directional Optimizer for Storage Systems (BOSS). This patent award is Alencon’s seventh granted U.S. patent.

The patent specifically addresses the unique technological and applications aspects of Alencon’s galvanically isolated bi-directional DC:DC converter, the BOSS, for use in large scale battery energy storage systems (BESS). The patent not only addresses the BOSS’s unique, Silicon Carbide-based (SiC), galvanically isolated topology but also covers the differentiated benefits the BOSS brings to BESS, whether those systems are stand-alone or DC-coupled with solar.

“This latest patent is a testament to the incredible engineering team here at Alencon Systems,” said Hanan Fishman, Alencon Systems president. “This patent award affirms the unique technological aspects of the Alencon BOSS and explains the unique system benefits the product provides today’s BESS market.”

U.S. patent #11,146,079 also specifically discusses the BOSS’s approach to rack-level battery charging and how the device can help balance the state of charge (SOC) of batteries with differing states of health (SOH). Such charge balancing is particularly critical as BESS age and their component cells degrade.

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