Arctic Solar Ventures (ASV), Alaska’s largest solar company, has been selected by LG Business Solutions to join its Platinum Pro Partner program.

The Platinum Pro program is the highest level of partner recognition received from LG Electronics, leveraging the strengths of LG’s global brand recognition and solar leadership with local and personalized customer service provided by local solar providers such as ASV.

Arctic Solar Ventures was named an LG Platinum Pro, making it the 35th company with the designation and the first in Alaska.

ASV is the first LG Platinum Pro Partner in Alaska, recognized for consistently high-quality workmanship, construction and customer service.

LG Electronics, a long-time leader in solar technology, has made a large commitment to be a market leader in the Renewable Energy Sector. LG awards the Platinum Pro distinction only to solar companies that meet the highest standards for customer experience and installation quality.

LG has a partner network of more than 1,800 companies nationally that sell, service and install LG solar modules. To date, the LG Platinum Pro designation has been achieved by only 35 of those 1,800 companies.

“Our partnership with LG gives us a huge advantage in the rapidly growing Alaska solar market,” said Stephen Trimble, ASV founder & CEO. “We are able to offer our customers higher efficiency solar panels than anyone else. It helps that they are made by a company such as LG with stellar brand recognition and dominant market share. We’re proud to have such a strong industry partner as LG stand behind us and our work. Partnering with LG allows us to ensure that we offer the most premium experience to our customers across the board with our technology, craftsmanship and commitment to our planet. We are incredibly honored that LG has chosen to support our mission through their Platinum Pro program.

News item from Arctic Solar Ventures