Bayer makes glyphosate safety studies public


Bayer makes glyphosate safety studies public

Bayer has made its more than 100 glyphosate safety studies public, as several trials against its acquired Monsanto RoundUp glyphosate weed killer are ongoing. Charlotte Morr is Bayer Crop Science data transparency manager, “So it’s no longer speculation about what could be in those studies. By enabling access, we really give the opportunity that people can look and judge for themselves. But, I mean, the message has been the same all over. Glyphosate is a safe product when it’s used according to the instructions.”

The Bayer studies are part of its summary submitted to the
EU on RoundUp last December of more than 300 studies showing glyphosate is

The CDC today released a toxicology report on glyphosate which Bayer officials say they are now reviewing.

Interview with Charlotte Moor

Statement from Bayer’s Christi Dixon:

welcome another scientific perspective on what’s the most studied substance of
its kind, glyphosate. Our experts have not had the opportunity to fully review
the ATSDR profile in full detail, but we support constructive dialogue and the
scientific rigor that’s inherent in the U.S. regulatory process. It’s important
that we participate in the public comment period, and we’ll submit many of the
same studies you see on our transparency platform. We continue to have full
confidence in the safe use of glyphosate and believe that the extensive body of
science, 40 years of real-world experience and the conclusions of regulators,
including the U.S. EPA, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), European
Chemicals Agency (ECHA), German BfR, and Australian, Canadian, Korean, New
Zealand and Japanese regulatory authorities, as well as the Joint FAO/WHO
Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR), confirm that glyphosate‐based products are safe
when used as directed and that glyphosate is not carcinogenic.”

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