Corn growers fire back at Bud Light Super Bowl commercial


Corn growers fire back at Bud Light Super Bowl commercial

growers are letting the brewers of Bud Light know they don’t appreciate their
latest Super Bowl commercial about corn syrup. 

Corn Growers President Doug Rebout tells Brownfield he’s disappointed Bud Light
and their parent company AB InBev chose a stage like the Super Bowl to bash
America’s farmers and the corn growers.  “When the bash other people’s or
other products, it’s a lot like when agriculture or any industry bashes someone
else in their own industry, like organic versus conventional farming.  If
you want to promote your product, great, but do it on the merits of your own
product without bashing someone else.”

Bud Light ad appeals to consumers who avoid high fructose corn syrup by
featuring a large keg of corn syrup being delivered to rival beer makers
because Bud Light doesn’t use the product in their brewing process. 

including corn syrup, are used in beer making to raise the alcohol level
without adding body, lighten the body, add flavor or prep it for

back to back years of falling market share, the official NFL beer sponsor
targeted corn syrup as a way to highlight new labeling on packaging.  But
several competing brands and endless craft breweries are taking to social media
to say their beer is free from corn syrup as well.

month, Bud is releasing new packaging in an attempt to increase transparency of
ingredients and nutritional information. 

Officials at Anheuser Busch could not be reached for comment.

Check Brownfield Ag News later for comments from Kevin Ross at the National Corn Growers Association.

Listen to Brownfield’s interview with Doug Rebout here:

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