Duvall urges Trump to reach a China deal “soon”


Duvall urges Trump to reach a China deal “soon”

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall has told
President Trump that his trade negotiators need to make a deal with China as
soon as possible to end the tariffs that are slashing ag exports.

In a strongly worded letter to the president, Duvall says he’s hearing reports of some farmers – especially those dealing with delayed planting because of weather – deciding not to plant a crop this year because there’s no market for it.

Duvall says the downturn in the ag economy has only been
made worse because of the escalation of tariffs, and that China was once a
promising market for agriculture.

Duvall told Trump that the Trade Aid Package he authorized last year was appreciated but mitigation payments can never replace lost markets. He warned that time is running out.

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