EPA proposes increased biofuel blending requirements

In the proposal, EPA is increasing renewable fuel targets in each of the next three years to 20.82 billion gallons in 2023, 21.87 billion gallons in 2024 and 22.68 billion gallons in 2025. Renewable Fuels Association’s Goeff Cooper says the proposal launches the Renewable Fuel Standard into a new era.

“If the EPA put the RFS back on track in 2022, this proposal puts the RFS into overdrive.”

Cooper says by 2024, EPA is proposing more than 15 billion gallons for conventional renewable fuels.

“It’s a floor, not a cap or a maximum. If the demand is there for more than 15.25 billion gallons domestically, we’ll produce more than that. Overall, we see this as a positive step forward.”

The EPA will be seeking public comment on the proposal through early 2023. There will be a public hearing in January.