Japan approves its beef safeguard under trade agreement; reduce tariffs, increase demand

Japan has approved its revised safeguard on US beef, which could prevent higher tariffs and increase demand.

The updated threshold level will use a new, three-trigger safeguard mechanism to help reduce the probability that Japan will impose tariffs and help US exporters to better meet demand

The Upper House of Japan’s Diet approved the Protocol Amending the US-Japan Trade Agreement Tuesday after it was signed with the US Trade Representative in June.

USTR Katherine Tai says the protocol ensures that farmers and ranchers will have access to a dynamic market.

In a statement to Brownfield, Kent Bacus, Executive Director of Government affairs with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the announcement underscores the strong demand for high-quality US beef overseas.

USTR says the United States and Japan are working to finalize all domestic procedures to enforce the agreement.