Motorcade for Trade stops in Indiana


Motorcade for Trade stops in Indiana

The Motorcade for Trade by Farmers for Free Trade rolled into Indiana this morning. The RV wrapped with information about the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement and its trading partners has already stopped in Ohio and Michigan.

Central Indiana farmer Brent Bible tells Brownfield farmers need the stability
that the USMCA would provide.  

“We want to make sure that we have a good solid foundation to conduct that trade back and forth and I think this agreement does it,” he says. “It makes some enhancements upon the old NAFTA and gives us some opportunities if we could just get it passed and start doing business as usual.”

Audio: Brent Bible, Indiana farmer

asked when he would like to see the agreement ratified, Bible said yesterday.

Marshall Hoffman, co-director of Farmers for Free Trade, says Indiana is one of
the key beneficiaries of trade with Canada and Mexico.

“We heard today of course corn in Mexico is a top, top market,” she says. It matters that we continue in the NAFTA and it matters that we’re going to get the new USMCA over the goal line because at the end of the day that’s what keeps over 7,000 jobs going in this state and almost a $1 billion in exports.”

Audio: Angela Marshall Hoffman, Farmers for Free Trade

The next stop for the RV tour is Illinois.

The USMCA must be ratified by all three countries.

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