NOAA’s flood update sees flooding into July


NOAA’s flood update sees flooding into July

I 29 near Iowa Missouri line in late March ~ Richard Oswald

Flooding will continue to be an
issue along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers into July, in the latest flood
condition update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Kevin Low says saturated soil
and above-average rain IS expected over the next few months, “We don’t expect a
widespread, long term flooding, per se. But, episodic, moderate level flooding
IS likely in southern Iowa, southeast Nebraska, eastern Kansas and across the
state of Missouri.”

Missouri River Basin flooding
has set SIX water level records, so far.

Doug Kluck, a regional director
with NOAA, says for the St. Louis region- weather conditions are different than
they were in 1993 which was an historic Mississippi River Flood, “There’s
nothing indicating that’s going to happen this year. You know, here’s the
situation:  It’s just very, very wet. We’re
all saying it, okay? Even if it’s normal rainfall, in some cases, will lead to

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