Red Wolf Company expands into solar industry with suite of pre-construction services

After more than a dozen years supporting gas turbine outages in all 50 states and more than 20 countries, North Carolina’s Red Wolf Company has expanded into solar power with a suite of pre-construction services.

“Red Wolf’s business is and has always centered on reducing total installation cost,” said Chris Brice, VP of Sales. “We deliver pre-assembled and kitted BOMs to installations and outages near and far. Solar installations are labor intensive, and our services reduce time in the field.”

Red Wolf Company’s solar expansion focuses on home run and parallel circuit cable harnesses. Additional products include pre-wired combiner boxes, custom racking for inverters and combiner boxes, and on-site inventory management. According to one in-house study, one 7-MW solar farm could have saved their contractors more than 68 miles of walking during cable installation had the cables arrived assembled and coiled at the point of use. Furthermore, continuity testing in a controlled environment drastically reduces troubleshooting broken cables and bad splices and terminations in the field.

At the core of Red Wolf’s business is customer collaboration. Again quoting Brice, “I believe the reason we have great customer feedback is because we spend time with our customers both on site and off to ensure that they receive what they need, when they need it. Our on-site inventory management strives to eliminate work stoppages due to lost or short-ordered materials and tooling. Everyone has been on a site grounded to a halt because someone is looking for something, and we want to prevent that from happening.”

Finally, Red Wolf Company is experienced in creating customized crates and containers that can successfully job-hop from site to site while being replenished with essential installation material and consumables. The company believes that this competency has also found a hold in solar installations, and are excited for a bright future in this growing renewable energy market.

Red Wolf Company has been in business since 2007 and is certified ISO 9001:2015.  A complete list of solar services is found on its website:  For more information, contact Chris Brice at

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