Research shows the United States has the most sustainable beef industry

A new study by Colorado State University confirms the US is the country with the most sustainable beef industry.

Mary Thomas Hart, Environmental Council for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, tells Brownfield that is partly because cattle can be raised in the US with little deforestation compared to other countries, but also because of innovative practices.

“Improved use of technologies, significantly improved herd genetics and increased grazing management has helped make our emissions 10 to 50 times less than other regions around the world.”

She says the US beef industry can help set a standard for other countries to improve the sustainability of their beef production.

“US beef production really does provide a blueprint for the rest of the world and we’re really happy about our position in that conversation.”

She says the results of the study have been released at a critical time as they will help show the benefits of the beef industry in the new administration’s climate change discussions.  

“We are excited to engage in those climate conversations to ensure that voluntary, incentive-based programs are available to our producers so that they can continue to improve their production.”

The study was a comparison based on beef industry life cycle assessments from around the world which look at efficiency across the entire supply chain including grazing, processing, and retail to show the environmental inputs and outputs of production. 

Interview with Mary Thomas Hart