Solar Data Systems has teamed up with Solarfox to offer display solutions for solar PV plants. Solar Data Systems can offer local support and resources to mutual, U.S.-based Solarfox and Solar Data Systems customers.

“Solarfox solutions are a natural fit for solar Monitoring as a Service (MaaS),” said Silvia Blumenschein, CEO and General Manager of Solar Data Systems. “As the first MaaS provider in the solar industry, we specialize in solutions for monitoring, troubleshooting, control and visualization. Solarfox provides exceptional visualization tools to showcase clean energy projects.”

“In addition, Solarfox solutions have long-standing compatibility with many different brands and manufacturers, including Solar-Log energy monitoring and control, making their partnership with Solar Data Systems a natural match,” added Blumenschein.

“We are pleased with the high level of interest in the U.S. in our innovative Solarfox displays. We are looking forward to having Solar Data Systems as a competent and experienced sales partner for our American business,” said Michael Stübing, CEO of Solarfox.

Solarfox offers large-format display systems that plant owners and solar professionals can use to feature their solar plants and their individual sustainable stories. Users can visualize solar energy production and building consumption and promote their energy independence.

Each Solarfox display features a number of user-friendly templates and charts that can be customized as needed. Displays can be tailored so that the user decides which content should be the focus. As a result, the products not only display energy data but they can also function as innovative bulletin boards.

Solarfox displays can be connected to almost any photovoltaic systems and easily managed via the internet. There is no need for direct cabling between the solar PV array and the display. Plus, Solarfox systems are compatible with virtually all data loggers and monitoring systems.

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