A previous ground-mount installation by Third Sun Solar in Ohio

Ohio installation company Third Sun Solar is proud to announce the donation of a ground-mounted solar array to local nonprofit Women for Recovery of Athens, Ohio.

Third Sun Solar has partnered with Women for Recovery to provide clean energy to the Serenity Grove Women’s Recovery House. The addition of a solar array to the Serenity Grove facility will greatly reduce the nonprofit’s utility costs for the next two decades or more. Third Sun CEO and co-founder Michelle Greenfield said, “As a company committed to the flourishing of our community, we are proud to support this organization’s critical mission.”

The 7.4-kW array will provide an estimated 40% of electricity to the Women’s Recovery House.

“We believe that partnering with Women for Recovery in this way will not just reduce the overhead costs for this mission-driven nonprofit, but will bring needed attention to solar and help us to further accelerate the shift to clean energy that is catching on in the Midwest,” said Greenfield.

In speaking about the launch of the Women’s Recovery House, Executive Director Betsy Anderson said, “It’s really been a collaboration with individuals and partner organizations. I don’t know if all communities are this way, but Athens has supported us remarkably.” She went on to note that the solar array will help offset operating costs for the nonprofit, but “the longer term impact is, in addition to our commitment to recovery and helping women rebuild their lives, an ongoing commitment to our community, to our environment and to our planet. To reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use, and demonstrate that to our residents, staff, board and community – that is invaluable.”

In the past, the Third Sun Solar has partnered with the national nonprofit Habitat for Humanity. This time, Third Sun Solar is excited to partner with a local organization providing meaningful services women in Athens County.

“Part of our responsibility as a certified B Corp is to actively seek ways to promote social and environmental support of our community,” Greenfield said. “Helping provide affordable and sustainable housing while educating people on how easy it is to attain energy independence is a great fit for our mission-driven company, and our team is really looking forward to it.”

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