USMCA passes Senate, heads to President Trump’s desk

The US Mexico Canada Agreement is now on its way to
President Trump’s desk after an 89-10 final vote of approval by the Senate.

On Wednesday President Trump said he plans to sign the USMCA
next week.  Mexico has already passed the
agreement so finalization will depend on Canada and USDA undersecretary for
trade Ted McKinney tells Brownfield Canada intends to pass it quickly.

“So when it is all done with all three countries, boy there is another opportunity to hoist a glass of milk or a distilled or fermented beverage and celebrate yet another victory.”

McKinney says this is the third recent trade agreement greatly
benefiting farmers.

“The Japan deal, USMCA, the China deal all of these have been months in coming and our farmers have been very patient and have continued to support and we are very, very thankful they have given us the time to make these great deals.”

Business in the Senate now proceeds with the impeachment
trial of President Trump.

Comments from Ted McKinney during an interview with Brownfield