Vice President Pence talks trade with Indiana farmers


Vice President Pence talks trade with Indiana farmers

Vice President Mike Pence met with farmers in central Indiana today to discuss the importance of Congress ratifying the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement sooner rather than later.

Pence says farmers expressed the need for certainty when it comes to trade with Canada and Mexico

“What I heard here today consistently is real urgency that farmers who always are land rich and cash poor have been feeling the weight of low commodity prices and so it’s imperative that Congress act and act this spring to ratify the USCMA,” he says.

Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron says it was an
honor to have Pence visit with farmers.

“Farmers wanted to give the message that we need these trade deals done today or as soon as possible because the last few years I’ve heard several say, and our farm too, that there has been a drain of assets and capital and it can only last so long,” he say.

More than 20 farmers representing Indiana corn, soybean, and livestock sectors were part of the event at Lamb Farms in Lebanon, Indiana.

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