Work on USMCA to continue through August recess


Work on USMCA to continue through August recess

House Democrats say they’ve given the Trump Administration enough
feedback to move forward on the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

A trade working group of nine Democratic lawmakers sent a
letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying they are ready to work with U.S.
Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer over the course of the six-week August

The group has given Lighthizer specific changes it wants in
the USMCA before ratification, including labor enforcement and environmental

U.S. Senator and Senate Ag Committee member Tina Smith, a Democrat from Minnesota, confirms to Brownfield momentum is building in the House.

“Everything I hear, including the last conversation I had with Ambassador Lighthizer, is that the conversations with Speaker Pelosi and Ambassador Lighthizer are proceeding and they’re working through their differences. And I want to be able to sign a USMCA.”

The Democrat trade working group says it’s time for Ambassador Lighthizer to honor his commitment and provide responses and counter-proposals as soon as possible.

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