15% of U.S. corn, 12% of soybeans harvested

The U.S. corn and soybeans harvests advanced about as expected last week. Some harvest delays are likely during the early part of this week, but most of the Midwest and Plains should be able to make another round of solid progress.

The USDA says that as of Sunday, 15% of U.S. corn is harvested, with 93% of the crop dented and 60% mature, all faster than normal, while 53% is rated good to excellent, up 2% on the week.

12% of soybeans are harvested and 73% are dropping leaves, both ahead of the respective five-year averages, with 50% of the crop called good to excellent down 2%.

26% of winter wheat is planted, compared to 29% on average, while 7% has emerged, compared to the usual rate of 6%.

96% of spring wheat is harvested, matching its typical pace.

13% of cotton is harvested, in-line with average, and 65% of bolls have opened, a little more than normal for late September, with 30% of the crop in good to excellent shape, 1% higher.

66% of rice is harvested, compared to 59% on average.

28% of harvested, with 92% coloring and 58% mature, all close to normal, with 42% of the crop in good to excellent condition, 1% below the previous week.

36% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are rated good to excellent, a week-to-week increase of 2%.

The USDA’s weekly crop progress and condition reports run through November.