Michael White

Michael White
Solar Land Consultant & Broker

Mr. White assists landowners around the United States in negotiating and amending solar contract terms and, as a broker, connects eligible landowners to reputable solar farm developers. He has successfully completed over 100 solar land transactions, both as a landowner representative and as a project manager at E.ON, one of the largest renewable power developers in the world. Mr. White holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Texas.

Closed Solar Deals
MegaWatts Established

Texas, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Utah, Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Minnesota and Washington

E.ON Climate & Renewables, North America
Utility-Scale Power Development

  • Negotiated lease options, long-term ground leases, purchase options, letters of intent, right-of-way easements, tax abatements and zoning variances
  • Sited hundreds of MegaWatts of solar projects which were bid competitively into power solicitations from utilities and Fortune 500 corporations
  • Sourced project acquisitions from other developers, modeled financial returns, and identified risks from transmission, construction, environmental and regulatory perspectives
  • Supervised the work of numerous groups required for successful development, including attorneys, engineers, environmental consultants, financiers, contractors and power marketers
  • Managed over 10 projects through the interconnection process in numerous RTO’s (regional transmission organizations) in the United States

University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA
Finance, magna cum laude

Key Services

Strategic Solar Group is a national network of former utility-scale power developers and attorneys helping landowners find and execute solar farm transactions.

Key People

Chief Executive Manager

Gabriela spent 10 years working for one of the early independent power producers in the U.S. dedicated to renewable energy. She’s the founder of Strategic Solar Group and now lives in Austin with her expanding family.

Attorney Network

  • Top, experienced lawyers in related fields like real estate

  • Located in key solar states

  • Most have their own successful office(s)

Landowners Say…


“We really appreciate all your hard work and for being treated as a friend, rather than a number. My nerves were calmed as the whole process was explained.”


“Strategic Solar Group was wonderful about explaining the options to my family and giving sound advice. We got a solar deal that everyone feels good about.”


Core Values

Strategic Solar Group’s values help form our corporate identity and serve as a simple reference for everyday decision-making and behavior.