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Strategic Solar Group is a national network of attorneys and former utility-scale power developers working on behalf of landowners. Since solar is relatively new in the United States, it’s common for landowners to struggle in finding good representation for solar deals. Local attorneys in rural communities typically don’t have direct solar experience. Even many large law firms charging exorbitant hourly rates still often staff someone on a project who hasn’t done more than a handful of solar transactions. Because of Strategic Solar Group’s deep background specifically in solar and fair rates, we believe we are landowners’ best source of guidance for solar farms in the United States.

Meet Our Team

Strategic Solar Group is a unique hybrid of business and legal consulting specifically aimed towards helping solar farm landowners.

Eric Solar Business Consultant
Eric has successfully completed over 100 solar land transactions, both as a landowner representative and as a project manager at EON, one the largest renewable power developers in the world. Prior to solar, he worked in commercial real estate development, as a Fortune 500 executive consultant and served the United States Army. Eric has a Master’s degree in business from Stanford University and a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He now resides in Texas with his family.

Solar States as Landowner Consultant (not comprehensive):
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

National Network
National Networkof Solar Attorneys
All attorneys who work with Strategic Solar Group clients have the right background to assist in solar farm transactions. Many have formerly been in-house council for power developers or risen to the top of related fields of practice like real estate in key solar states. Together they bring many years of collective deal experience and help ensure transactions are done correctly and in line with local laws.

Almost all attorneys in the network have their own, small offices and have agreed to charge landowner clients reasonable rates.


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Core Values

Strategic Solar Group’s values help form our corporate identity and serve as a simple reference for everyday decision-making and behavior.

Landowners Say…

“We really appreciate all your hard work and for being treated as a friend, rather than a number. My nerves were calmed as the whole process was explained.”


“Strategic Solar Group was wonderful about explaining the various options to my family members and giving sound advice as to strategy and, ultimately, getting us a solar deal that everyone feels good about.”


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