Lease & Sale Contracts

If you own land and have been contacted by a solar developer about a real estate transaction, we are here to help.

  • Maximize your property’s income potential

  • Mitigate common landowner risks

  • A keen understanding of current solar trends and market values

  • The best contract language vetted through hundreds of solar farm transactions

  • Many clients pay $0 as Strategic Solar Group’s fees can be reimbursed by developers

Solar Land Brokerage

If you are not currently in contact with a solar developer but have a viable site for development, we may be able to bring deals to you.

  • You must have 100 acres minimum, be less than 1 mile from a substation or high voltage transmission line and be in a state with active solar farm development; check to see if your property meets the criteria

  • Landowners must sign a ‘letter of intent’ and be agreeable to future solar development

  • Custom marketing material created for your property

  • The opportunity is advertised to reputable solar developers in our network

  • Strategic Solar Group’s fee is paid by the developer with no cost passed onto landowners

How can we help?

Experienced solar professionals may be able to help you profit from your land while creating power for our society.

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