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Common Client Questions

The process is easy. (1) Sign a simple consulting agreement that explains the basics of our working relationship and (2) remit a retainer payment of $2,500 via check, wire, ACH transfer or Paypal. You will be given back any unused funds from the $2,500 retainer at close. Most clients begin with a brief consultation to ensure a good fit.

This is such a common question that we wrote an article here to address it for most of our audience. A consultant can only provide more detail after analyzing your particular situation.

Consultants and attorneys bill on an hourly basis with consultants charging lower rates. Total costs typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the client’s needs and difficulty in dealing with the developer. It is commonplace for developers to reimburse landowners for ‘reasonable fees’ related to a transaction so many of our clients actually pay $0.

Utility-scale solar development contracts have been standardized by national developers and differ very little across the U.S. With some consultants having completed over a hundred deals, there are few states where we don’t have prior experience. In addition, our attorney network is composed of professionals practicing in some of the most active solar farm states to provide local property law guidance as much as possible (although it’s impossible to cover all areas).

We are typically able to understand a client’s goals and generate a contract redline within two weeks depending on our current workload. After that initial step, the timing to get an executable document ready can vary greatly based on the amount of negotiation that occurs and the speed at which the developer works. Most agreements are completely done within a couple months.

Strategic Solar Group consultants are former solar developers; they held the same position in the past of the person you will be directly negotiating with now. Consultants have the best contract language ready to address the particular risks that get negotiated in nearly every solar transaction and often know what the development company can agree to at a particular site. Attorneys from our network are also available for peace of mind along the journey to close.

We negotiate and amend solar farm leases, letters of intent, options to purchase, options to lease and powerline easements. We will not work on rooftop agreements, only ground mounted projects. Consultants will lay out a scope of work to meet your goals and can amend and negotiate common terms in all the contracts listed above.

Attorneys who have done a good job in the past (sometimes opposing us) get brought onto the team later. We are always interviewing new lawyers and look for those (1) located in states with a high activity of solar development; (2) past experience in solar farm deals; (3) a high interest in assisting landowners; and (4) who operate independently or are part of a small firm with fair rates. Some attorney partners have years of successful practice in related fields like commercial real estate or oil & gas. Their experience often pairs nicely with our knowledge of solar and, together, we can offer exceptional contract support.

Yes, our consultants can work with your personal attorney in whatever capacity you wish.

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