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Specialty Services for Solar Farm Landowners

Engaging in a utility-scale solar project is a complex endeavor. As a landowner, it can be highly lucrative if done correctly. If not done correctly, it can expose you and your heirs to unnecessary liability. Strategic Solar Group takes out the guesswork by providing industry insight and a network of experienced attorneys.

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Common Client Questions

In a push toward simplicity and transparency, we originally tried flat fee pricing for each agreement. This did not work as some developers are easy to deal with while others pose significant challenges. Each of our clients has different goals too with some wanting a quick review of a contract while others expect a comprehensive redline and multiple rounds of back-and-forth with the developer. The fairest solution proved to be billing per hour with consultants billing at $250 and attorneys at variable rates depending on their level of experience.

Yes, our consultants can work with your personal attorney in whatever capacity you wish.

Strategic Solar Group is working on building out a comprehensive series of articles to go more in depth on common topics of interest to solar farm landowners. We also have put together a free subscription newsletter where you can get free solar landowner tips delivered to your inbox.

Solar farm developers generally understand that solar agreements are complex and that their landowners will incur expenses in completing these transactions. Many (if not most) developers will reimburse landowners for this cost! First, check the agreement itself to see if it specifically mentions how expenses are to be paid. Often, any ‘reasonable’ expense is covered by the company or they will agree to pay up to a certain dollar amount. If language like this does not exist in the contract by default, ask the developer if they will cover your expenses and have them email you the company’s policy. It is very common that our clients have no actual out-of-pocket costs for our service; you just need to know to ask about this upfront.

Strategic Solar Group consultants like Eric Allen generally serve as your single point of contact to our company. They can answer questions, lay out a scope of work to complete your agreement, edit a majority of common items in solar contracts and negotiate terms with the developer. It is your choice as to what services fit with your goals. Consultants will recommend attorneys from our network for final review of your agreement or for the purposes of custom drafting of specific sections.

We are typically able to understand a client’s goals and generate a contract redline within two weeks depending on our current workload. After that initial step, the timing to get an executable document ready can vary greatly based on the amount of negotiation that occurs and the speed at which the developer works. Most agreements are completely done within one to two months. In rare cases, we have seen developers drag out completion for six months or more (a good sign your project isn’t their top priority).

We would estimate 90% of our clients end up comfortable with their solar transaction and decide to move forward with signing. That said, we provide candid, real world solar advice. If we think the deal is bad, we’ll tell you and are not interested in charging hours to work on something that does not seem promising for our clients. In a number of cases, we have even referred clients to better developers when the first try fails.

Before starting a file for anyone, we ask for a $2,500 retainer. That fully covers a majority of deals to completion. If you quickly decide against the solar transaction and don’t sign, Strategic Solar Group will promptly return any unused portion of your retainer to you. It is important to keep in mind that the developer will generally reimburse you for these expenses within 30 days of completing an agreement. Many of our clients incur no out-of-pocket expense for our help!

After doing over a hundred solar transactions and being in the industry for years, connections are naturally made with some of the top legal minds. Attorneys have been selected after doing an outstanding job working as in-house council for power developers or as representing landowners who we negotiated against in our past lives in development. Some attorneys have also been found because of years of successful practice in related fields like real estate or oil & gas. Their experience often pairs nicely with our knowledge of the solar business and, together, we can craft excellent agreements for clients.

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