Since her home’s inception in 2004, California homeowner and landlord, Judy Fusco, has nurtured a space for transformation, first by housing her property with three young entrepreneurs who launched the world’s most famous social network, Facebook. Now, she continues this tradition herself by making the switch to solar power for the property this past week. 

Fourteen years later, the Asian-American homeowner has carried the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit on, by installing solar power on her famous property through Bright Planet Consulting, a San Francisco Bay Area solar installation company. 

“Solar energy is important to me because I know I will save money in the long run plus save the environment and leave the next generation with a beautiful planet,” Fusco said. “With my background in science, I love the innovative idea [of solar power] for the same reasons I chose the Facebook founders as my first tenants for my home over others — because I love the spirit and adventure of new ideas. Solar energy is the newest revolution.” 

News item from Bright Planet Consulting