Broin: E15 is ‘a game changer for rural America’

“A game-changer for rural America.”

That’s how Jeff Broin, founder and CEO of ethanol producer POET, sees the approval of year-round E15.

“This is going to open up seven billion gallons of annual ethanol, or biofuels, demand—and two billion bushels of annual corn demand in the coming years,” Broin says. “I don’t know if farmers have figured out what a big deal this is.”

Broin says as E15 sales and ethanol exports grow, the future looks bright for the ethanol industry.

“I think, because of this (E15) announcement, you will see expansion in our industry in the coming years—and that’s good for the American farmer. That’s what got them out of the last ag recession was the expansion of biofuels. I think we all need to remember that.” 

Broin thinks ethanol’s contributions to the ag economy are underappreciated. Without ethanol, he says, corn prices today would be two dollars per bushel.

AUDIO: Jeff Broin