Lighthizer testifies on USMCA details

The U.S. Trade Representative told the Senate Finance Committee the new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico is the strongest and most momentous agreement in history. He says, “The Agricultural chapter will lead to increased market access and eliminate unfair trading practices by our trading partners. This is a truly great agreement and I look forward to working with Members to make it even better.”

Senators questioned Robert Lighthizer about enforceability, labor standards, and environmental standards, and he told Senators the USMCA agreement is enforceable and much improved over NAFTA. “There are poultry improvements. There are dairy improvements. There are wheat improvements. There are SPS (sanitary-phytosanitary) improvements. There are a whole bunch of additional improvements.”

Lighthizer says he has been discussing USMCA with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and looks forward to working with both sides of the aisle to resolve their concerns.