Mnuchin hopes China talks can pick up, says no impact to U.S. economy yet

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says China returning
to the negotiating table is a sign of good faith between the two countries.

Chinese trade officials will travel to Washington D.C. at
the beginning of October to pick up trade talks.

“We’re prepared to negotiate.  If we can get a good deal, a deal that’s good for us, we’ll sign it.  If not, the President is perfectly fine with continuing the tariffs.” 

Mnuchin told a Fox Business reporter Monday tariffs on Chinese goods have impacted their economy but the U.S. has yet to see an impact.

“We have not seen an impact on the U.S. economy, and we’ll be very carefully managing that.”  Maria Bartiromo again asks, “Can you really say that even though we are seeing growth slow down because of uncertainly around trade? Can you really say it hasn’t impacted the economy here?”  “Yes, I really can say that,” Mnuchin says.      

Mnuchin expects the U.S. economy to have a robust finish to
the year with no signs of a recession.