New NCGA president outlines his priorities: pass the farm bill

The new president of the National Corn Growers Association says his top priority is getting the 2023 Farm Bill across the finish line with an adequate safety net.

Harrold Wolle, a Minnesota farmer, says the crop insurance title needs to be maintained but would like for it to include a few tweaks. “There are some crops that are not covered and there are some areas of the country where the risk by is deemed so high that the higher levels of coverage get to be prohibitively expensive for growers.”

He says NCGA supports some increases in reference prices for ARC and PLC programs. “We are also supportive of increasing the reference price escalator in the PLC program. In the ARC program, changing the deductible. There is a 10% pay limit and there’s also an…14% deductible.”

Wolle says while farmers have had record net farm income recently, he hopes that doesn’t impact how lawmakers allocate funds for these programs. “The federal government has not had to expand over the recent years any money in that farm safety net because we’ve had good years.

He says other priorities include additional funds to improve the Foreign Market Development and Market Access Programs.

Editor’s note: Wolle’s second quote was edited for clarity.