New York State’s new Office of Renewable Energy Permitting proposed draft rules for permitting new wind and solar energy projects. This action was required by the recently enacted Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefits Act. The draft rules are part of an improved process for issuing permits for wind and solar facilities over 25 megawatts and include standard operating conditions that all projects will have to meet. There will be six public hearings on the proposal in November.

Anne Reynolds, executive director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York stated, “The renewable energy industry applauds New York’s release of a proposed new process for permitting wind and solar projects more efficiently. By establishing the rules and operating conditions in advance, facilities can be designed to meet these standards from the beginning. Our industry wants to be part of New York’s economic recovery through investment and job creation. We know that in New York there will continue to be strict natural resource protections and welcome the certainty of knowing these specific requirements up front.”

“With the nation facing the worst economy since the Great Depression, making sure we can build wind and solar in New York is a critical part of jumpstarting our economy, creating thousands of family-supporting jobs, and generating millions of dollars in revenue for local communities, “ said David Alicea, NY Lead Organizing Representative, Sierra Club. “We look forward to working with the Office of Renewable Energy Siting to ensure they are able to put in place rules that protect our environment and unleash New York’s clean energy potential.”

“This proposal will help New York achieve its nation-leading climate goals while maintaining the state’s strong environmental and public participation standards,” said Cullen Howe, Senior Renewable Advocate at Natural Resources Defense Council. “We look forward to working with the state to ensure that the process bolsters New York’s clean energy economy and the tens of thousands of jobs that come with it.”

“These rules will enable New York to fast-track solar permitting, one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of developing a large solar project,” said Dave Gahl, senior director of Northeast state affairs at SEIA. “Time equals money, and long wait times or inconsistent practices during permitting can dramatically alter project economics. These rules will ultimately signal that New York is ready to accelerate its clean energy transformation, opening the door for thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars of private investment.”

News item from the Alliance for Clean Energy NY

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