Trump says Mexico deal to avert tariffs is possible

President Trump says he might not place new 5% tariffs on Mexican
goods.  Trump tweeted that message while
returning home from Europe, saying if the U.S. makes a deal with Mexico where they begin purchasing Farm
& Agricultural products at very high levels starting immediately, then no
tariffs.  If not, Trump says the new
tariffs will start Monday.  Trump also
says there is a “good chance” of making that deal.

A Mexican delegation has spent this week discussing ways to avert new
tariffs.  Vice President Mike Pence has
told media outlets that the talks have gone well. 

Pence also told a crowd in York, Pennsylvania Thursday that Trump instructed him, the Secretary of State and their team to meet with the Mexican delegation and hear them out.  Pence said the Mexican delegation brought forward proposals, but Trump said, “It was not nearly enough.”